Masterclass 2017

Our Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass 2017 was held in Birmingham, with Prof. Jeffrey Braithwaite as guest keynote speaker. The venue was De Vere Colmore Gate. The masterclass was supported by the West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative.

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  • Two days’ intensive learning about applying a resilience approach to improving the quality of care
  • The latest learning from our resilience work in emergency care and the care of older people
  • Interactive sessions with experts to learn how to apply a resilience approach
  • Reflections on the benefits and challenges of applying resilience engineering
  • A restaurant dinner and networking event

Session 1 – Concepts and underpinnings
Keynote Speaker Safety I and Safety II – Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite
Studying and understanding resilience – Dr. Janet Anderson

Session 2 – Tools and methods
Clinical engagement with the Resilience Chalenge video game – Jennifer Jackson
Introduction to complex systems and FRAM – Alastair Ross
Policy as imagined and practiced in the Emergency Department – Jonathan Back

Session 3 – Applying resilience
Journey into complexity – from reductionism to resilience – Dr. Duncan McNab

Session 4 – Learning from excellence
Learning from excellence – Adrian Plunkett

Session 5 – Incorporating a Safety II perspective into current activities
Clinical education from a Safety II perspective – Alastair Ross

Session 6 – Tools and methods Resilience Analysis Grid
The Resilience Analysis Grid – Matthew Alders