Masterclass 2016

The Second Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass was held in Bristol at the Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa on November 10th and 11th, 2016.
Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa

Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa

  • Two days’ intensive learning about applying a resilience approach to improving the quality of care, including interactive workshops
  • Overnight bed and breakfast accommodation (November 10th)
  • Banquet dinner and networking event (November 10th)

Programme Sessions

  1. Concepts and underpinnings. Using the Concepts for Applying Resilience Engineering (CARE) model. A comprehensive overview of resilience and Safety II principles and how they can be applied to improve quality and safety.
  2. Incident Analysis. Including a keynote talk by Dr. Mark Sujan from the University of Warwick. His talk is on “Reporting and learning – A Safety-II perspective”.
  3. Quality Improvement. Including the latest learning from our resilience work in emergency care, care of older people and safety and risk management.
  4. Tools and Methods. Including a workshop led by Dr. Al Ross from the University of Glasgow. Learn how to use FRAM to analyse system safety and strengthen safety.

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Presenter Slides

Concepts and underpinnings

Safety I and Safety II – Dr. Alastair Ross

Foundational concepts – CARE model and four resilience abilities – Dr. Janet Anderson


Safety II and incident reporting

Keynote speaker Dr. Mark Sujan, University of Warwick “Reporting and learning – A Safety-II perspective”

Applying resilience principles to improve quality in the Emergency Department. Results of a research project – Dr. Jonathan Back


Improving quality with resilience principles

Applying resilience principles to improve quality in the Older Persons’ Unit. Results of a research project – Dr. Jonathan Back

Methods for applying resilience to improve quality – Dr. Janet Anderson


Tools and methods FRAM

FRAM workshop with Dr. Al Ross – analysing and strengthening processes

The Resilience Analysis Grid. Matthew Alders


Authors maintain copyright (materials are provided for personal use only)



– Interactive sessions with experts to learn how to apply a resilience approach

– Discussion about the benefits and challenges of applying Safety II in practice

– The Masterclass is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors



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Full details of our 2015 Masterclass can be found here.

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Our primary goals are to develop, implement and test interventions to increase organisational resilience, and to disseminate new ideas about safety throughout the NHS. Our applied work focuses on learning from successful patient outcomes and not just from failures.