Take the Resilience Challenge!

Organisational resilience is the ability of a system to adapt safely to pressures in healthcare. What pressures do healthcare providers face at work?

Can you guide a patient’s journey through the hospital safely?

Resilience Challenge is a videogame that is designed to introduce the concept of organisational resilience in healthcare. Please complete the survey at the end for our research.

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Resilience Challenge is part of CARe’s wider work to inform policy about healthcare safety. The game is designed to raise awareness of the different pressures that healthcare providers have to cope with, and to start conversations about what can be done at an organisational level to support successful decision-making. Our goal is to make healthcare systems work safely for everyone involved.

Innovative Technology and Organisational Resilience in Healthcare is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare and Karman Interactive, brokered and supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.