Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare

Our primary goals are to develop, implement and test interventions to increase organisational resilience, and to disseminate new ideas about safety throughout the NHS.

What is Resilience?

“Understanding resilience makes the difference between organizations that inadvertently create complexity and miss signals that risks are increasing, and those that can manage high hazard processes well” (Nemeth et al., 2008)


The CARe QI Handbook

The CARe QI Handbook provides guidance for improving quality by creating resilient systems. It is based on our extensive work in a range of healthcare settings and contains structured guidance for your own quality improvement project. Worksheets help you to complete each step and document the progress of your project. The Handbook is available for download free of charge.

Collaborating Partners

The centre is a collaboration between researchers at King’s College London, the University of Glasgow, SaIL, and clinicians and governance staff at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.