Masterclass 2015

Thank you to all our delegates for attending the Resilience in Healthcare Masterclass – 7th May  – 8th May 2015

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The event was a one and a half day course for researchers and health professionals who wanted to learn how to apply resilience engineering concepts to improve care quality and safety. Organised by the Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare (CARe) – a clinically embedded research centre.

The interactive masterclass included:

  • A keynote talk from Professor Erik Hollnagel
  • An overview of resilience engineering principles and quality improvement
  • The latest learning from our resilience work in emergency care, medication safety, care of older people and clinical governance
  • Interactive sessions with experts to learn how to apply a resilience approach
  • Reflections on the benefits and challenges of applying resilience engineering
  • Wine reception, networking opportunities and optional (self-funded) evening dinner

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Presenter Slides

Resilient Healthcare – Professor Erik Hollnagel

The cornerstones of resilience – Dr Janet Anderson & Dr Al Ross

Common safety and quality issues in hospital care – from Safety I to Safety II – Patricia Snell & Dr Adrian Hopper

Common safety and quality issues in hospital care – Part 2

Emerging findings from our work in the Emergency Department and Older Person’s
Unit – Dr Myanna Duncan & Dr Jonathan Back

Making medication administration safer: A resilience approach – Amelia Samuel & Dr
Alice Oborne

Resilient Healthcare Going Forward – Dr Al Ross

Authors maintain copyright (materials are provided for personal use only)

CARe Model

Description of model

Keynote Talk by Erik Hollnagel


Our primary goals are to develop, implement and test interventions to increase organisational resilience, and to disseminate new ideas about safety throughout the NHS. Our applied work focuses on learning from successful patient outcomes and not just from failures.